We are real estate experts in San Francisco and Marin County, with more than 31 years of combined local experience in helping clients to buy and sell fine residential & commercial real property.   Our job is to help you achieve your goals with expert counsel, a discriminating eye towards value, marketing savvy, superior negotiating skills, and a results-driven action plan tailored to your needs.

We have extensive experience in representing sellers and buyers in real estate transactions in San Francisco & Marin in the following areas:

·         Luxury residential real estate

·         Probate & trust sales

·         Tenancy-in-common units, condominiums, stock cooperatives, and conversions

·         Apartment buildings, including mixed use buildings

·         Commercial property including retail, office and industrial sales

·         Property development

·         1031 tax-deferred exchanges

·         Foreclosures and short-sales

If you are considering selling, we offer the following:

·         Inspection and written evaluation of your property, including the current 'as-is' value, the potential value with recommended improvements completed, and the estimated cost of any recommended improvements.

·         Advice on market timing & strategy to achieve highest sales price.

·         Specific marketing plan designed for your property.

·         Preparation of your property for the market; this process can take time including supervision of tradespeople and advice/supervision on the clearing of potential issues with the property (building permits, title issues, etc.).

·         Implementation of full marketing plan to achieve the maximum net sales proceeds.

·         Expert contract negotiation with all potential buyers and their agents.

·         Management of escrow process from beginning to end.

·         Guidance on transition to your next property - the purchase of any replacement house, or a 1031 tax deferred exchange to your next investment property.

·         Fiduciary representation of you, your property, and your best interests at all times.

If you are considering buying, we offer the following:

·         Initial meeting to discuss & evaluate your plan for purchasing real estate, including strategies to obtain the best value in a purchase and a suggested action plan to achieve your goals.

·         Connecting you with all of our personal real estate resources such as the best lenders, property inspectors, architects, contractors, designers, escrow officers, attorneys, and property managers.

·         Weekly presentation of properties that may meet your criteria, such as new market listings, distressed properties, and any off-market purchase opportunities.

·         Evaluation of each prospective purchase with analysis as to the cost of any required improvements, hidden development opportunities, rental & income analysis, and future resale value.

·         Expert contract negotiation with sellers and their agents.

·         Management of escrow process from beginning to end.

·         Fiduciary representation of you, and your best interests at all times.


We look forward to meeting with you, and helping you to achieve your real estate goals!

--Rich & Michelle